Casa Yarumo
is a beach house with 3 apartments for rent. After a 15 minutes walk from the fishing village Mompiche, Casa Yarumo is located on the fine sandy and silent beach. In the back of the house the property borders with the protected mangroves. There are still living monkeys, birds, boas and insects. The village was able to conserve peace, solitude and nature because of its location: Before reaching this part of the beach, you have to cross the estuary of Rio Mompiche which depends on tides. On high tide the northern part of the beach is isolated for a few hours. During all other times you easily can reach Casa Yarumo on foot or by car.

Village Mompiche
Located in the south of the estuary of the bay, the village of Mompiche is still caracterized by the poor and hard life of fisherman, prevailing here since a far away beginning. In the meantime have been envolving here little bars, restaurants, hotels, little shops, a disco and Surf..............many things change........... From the river mouth of rio Mompiche, the silent sandy beach stretches in northern direction 6 km more untill the little island village Las Manchas. From there, you will have no more possiblity to continue your way by land Vehicle. Big estuaries, so called "rias", run through the area of the mangroves. Here, in the province of Esmeraldas, in the north of Ecuador, the backup area of the cost, some decades before, was still caracterized largely by the mangroves. Now there left only a small strip. It depends on ebb and flow, being flooded to tide times. For this reason, there has been developing an own world of plants and animals. Among the great number of insects here, in tropical regions, and more directly, in the mangroves, are mosquitos and sand fleas which can become very annoying.